CDPAANYS: Transforming Elderly Care in New York State

Discover how CDPAANYS is revolutionizing elderly care in New York with insightful services and initiatives.

April 10, 2024

Understanding CDPAANYS

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) is a pivotal organization in the realm of elderly care in NY State. This association serves a critical role in supporting CDPA providers and recipients, offering a range of services, and fostering initiatives that promote consumer control and self-determination.


CDPAANYS primarily functions as a support system for both CDPA providers and recipients within NY State. One of its key roles is advocacy, where the organization champions the rights and needs of its members at various levels of government. Additionally, CDPAANYS is committed to promoting systems change, working to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the CDPA program.

The concept of consumer control and self-determination is a fundamental principle of CDPAANYS. The organization strives to empower recipients, promoting their ability to manage their own care and make choices that align with their individual needs and preferences. This emphasis on autonomy and independence is a defining feature of CDPAANYS' role in NY State's elderly care landscape [1].

Services Provided by CDPAANYS

In addition to advocacy and systems change, CDPAANYS provides a range of supportive services to its members. These services are designed to equip both providers and recipients with the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the CDPA program.

CDPAANYS offers resources such as a monthly webinar series, providing valuable insights and updates on various aspects of the CDPA program. The organization also hosts events, including Advocacy Day in Albany, which gives members an opportunity to engage with lawmakers and voice their concerns.

Furthermore, CDPAANYS supports initiatives like the New York Independent Assessor Program, which aims to improve the assessment process for CDPA services. Through these services, CDPAANYS endeavors to foster a supportive and empowering environment for CDPA providers and recipients within NY State [1].

As we delve deeper into the operations and initiatives of CDPAANYS, it becomes apparent that the organization plays a critical role in positively shaping elderly care in New York State. Its unwavering commitment to advocacy, systems change, and the promotion of consumer control is testament to its efforts to transform the landscape of elderly care.

CDPAANYS Membership Options

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) offers various membership options to cater to a broad range of individuals and organizations involved in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance program in New York State. These include the CDPA Provider Membership and the CDPAANYS Affiliate Membership.

CDPA Provider Membership

The CDPA Provider Membership is designed for organizations that operate as CDPA providers. These organizations play a crucial role in the delivery of consumer-directed personal assistance services, contributing significantly to the quality of life for many individuals in New York State.

Members in this category gain access to a range of resources and supports, including advocacy initiatives, such as Lobby Day in Albany, New York, where concerns related to CDPA programs are addressed [2].

In addition, members can benefit from the VoterVoice Action Center, an online portal dedicated to facilitating citizen contact with local, state, and federal representatives to raise disability priorities in New York state.

CDPAANYS Affiliate Membership

CDPAANYS Affiliate Membership is open to individuals and organizations that support the mission and goals of CDPAANYS but are not directly involved in the provision of CDPA services. This may include academic institutions, research organizations, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders interested in promoting and supporting consumer-directed personal assistance services.

Affiliate members have access to a range of CDPAANYS resources and initiatives. This includes events like the downstate CDPA Expo & Trade Show, monthly webinar series, and Advocacy Day in Albany [1]. By becoming a CDPAANYS Affiliate Member, organizations and individuals can contribute to the advancement of consumer-directed personal assistance services in New York State.

In conclusion, both CDPA Provider Membership and CDPAANYS Affiliate Membership offer unique opportunities for involvement and support in the realm of consumer-directed personal assistance services. By becoming a member, individuals and organizations can actively contribute to the advancement of these critical services and improve the lives of many individuals across New York State.

CDPAANYS Initiatives and Events

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) is active in organizing initiatives and events to support and engage CDPA providers and recipients. These include Advocacy Day in Albany, a monthly webinar series, and the New York Independent Assessor Program.

Advocacy Day in Albany

Each year, CDPAANYS organizes Advocacy Day in Albany, a significant event aimed at advocating for policy changes that positively impact the lives of CDPA providers and recipients. Participants have the opportunity to engage directly with legislators, voice their concerns, and contribute to discussions that shape the future of the CDPA program in New York State.

Monthly Webinar Series

In addition to organizing events, CDPAANYS offers a monthly webinar series. The webinars cover a range of topics pertinent to the CDPA program, from legislative updates to best practices for CDPA providers. For example, a recent webinar titled "Preparing for Climate Chaos – What Fiscal Intermediaries & Consumers Can (and should) – Do" aimed to provide an overview of how organizations can support consumer-directed clients and offer disabled individuals tools to prepare for increasing climate chaos [1].

New York Independent Assessor Program

CDPAANYS also supports initiatives like the New York Independent Assessor Program. This program aims to streamline the assessment process for CDPA services and ensure that assessments are conducted by independent, unbiased professionals. By supporting this initiative, CDPAANYS is helping to ensure that individuals receive the services they need in a timely and efficient manner.

These initiatives and events illustrate CDPAANYS's commitment to promoting the interests of CDPA providers and recipients in New York State. They offer valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and advocacy, helping to shape the future of the CDPA program in New York State [1].

CDPAANYS Support for CDPA Providers

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) plays a crucial role in supporting Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) providers and recipients across the state. This includes a range of services, from advocacy and system changes to promoting consumer control and self-determination.

Advocacy and Systems Change

CDPAANYS is committed to advocating for the rights and needs of both CDPA providers and recipients. The organization works tirelessly to influence policy-making and legislative processes that directly affect the CDPA community in New York State. Advocacy efforts are centered around ensuring that CDPA providers have the necessary resources and support to provide quality care to their recipients. This includes fighting for better compensation, working conditions, and training opportunities.

In addition, CDPAANYS is also heavily involved in systems change. The organization works to enhance the existing systems and processes that govern CDPA in New York State. This could involve advocating for changes in how services are delivered, how providers are compensated, or how recipients access services.

CDPAANYS's advocacy and systems change work is backed by a wealth of resources, including a monthly webinar series and annual events like Advocacy Day in Albany. These resources provide CDPA providers and recipients with the opportunity to learn, network, and actively participate in advocacy efforts. CDPAANYS also supports initiatives like the New York Independent Assessor Program, thereby further contributing to systemic changes.

Promoting Consumer Control

CDPAANYS places a significant emphasis on consumer control and self-determination. The organization believes that CDPA recipients should have the freedom and autonomy to manage their own care. This includes selecting, training, and supervising their own personal assistants.

By promoting consumer control, CDPAANYS helps ensure that CDPA services are person-centered and tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each recipient. This approach to care not only improves the quality of services but also enhances the recipients' quality of life.

CDPAANYS offers various resources and programs to promote consumer control. These include educational materials, training programs, and advocacy initiatives. Through these efforts, CDPAANYS continues to empower CDPA recipients and enhance the delivery of personal assistance services across New York State [1].

CDPAANYS and Disaster Preparedness

A significant part of the mission of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) is to ensure the safety and preparedness of its members in the face of disasters. To this end, CDPAANYS has formed strategic partnerships and initiated programs aimed at preparing for and managing through disasters.

Partnership with Inclusive Disaster Strategies

CDPAANYS has formed a partnership with the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, the only U.S.-based disability-led organization focused on equity for people with disabilities and those with access and functional needs during disasters. This collaboration aims to enhance the association's disaster preparedness strategies, ensuring that its services remain accessible and effective in times of crises.

The Partnership focuses on equity for people with disabilities and those with access and functional needs in all planning, programs, services, and procedures before, during, and after disasters and emergencies. This aligns with CDPAANYS' commitment to promoting consumer control and providing support to CDPA providers even in the face of disasters.

Webinars on Climate Chaos Preparation

In line with their partnership, CDPAANYS and the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies conduct webinars to prepare fiscal intermediaries, agencies, and consumers in New York for climate disasters. These webinars focus on how organizations can support consumer-directed clients and provide tools for disabled individuals to prepare for increasing climate chaos.

For instance, a recent webinar on preparing for climate chaos was led by Priya Penner & Germán Parodi from the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies. The webinar emphasized the importance of preparing for climate-related disasters in New York and across the country [1].

These webinars are instrumental in ensuring that CDPAANYS members and the larger community are well-equipped to manage and navigate through the potential disruptions brought about by climate-related disasters.

Through these initiatives, CDPAANYS continues to uphold its commitment to transforming elderly care in New York State, ensuring that services remain inclusive, accessible, and reliable even in the face of disasters.

CDPA Eligibility and Services

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State (CDPAANYS) provides services to individuals who are capable of making choices regarding their daily living activities and managing their personal assistance. This section delves into the qualifications for these services and how to effectively manage personal assistance.

Qualifying for CDPA Services

In New York State, eligibility for the CDPA program requires an individual to be capable of managing their daily living activities, understanding the consequences of their choices, and assuming responsibility for the outcomes of these choices. This includes recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and, if necessary, terminating personal assistants [3].

To apply for CDPA services, interested individuals need to have health insurance coverage through Medicaid in New York. They can contact the New York Independent Assessor (NYIA) by calling 1-855-222-8350 to determine eligibility for CDPA services. This assessment is conducted by a private company under the direction of the New York State Department of Health (DOH).

CDPA consumers who are found to need 12 or more hours of service per day must go through an additional step with the Independent Review Panel (IRP), which assesses whether a proposed plan of care is reasonable to maintain the consumer's health and safety at home. The managed care plan or county may change authorized hours based on the IRP's recommendations, and consumers have the right to appeal decisions about hours and tasks.

Managing Personal Assistance

Once individuals have been awarded their hours for CDPA services, they may contract with a fiscal intermediary (FI) who will assist with backroom employment tasks such as paying personal assistants, ensuring legal requirements are met, and managing paperwork. New York State's Medicaid program mandates that every CDPA consumer must use an FI.

With CDPA services, individuals have significant flexibility in choosing their personal assistants (PAs). The individuals or their designated representatives are responsible for recruiting, training, supervising, scheduling, and if necessary, terminating PAs. However, they are also responsible for having backup PAs in case of call-outs, illness, or no-shows. The fiscal intermediary (FI) cannot supply PAs for CDPA consumers, and in most cases, the FI cannot determine who can or cannot be a PA.

Understanding the eligibility and services of CDPAANYS can help individuals take full advantage of the opportunities available to them. By taking responsibility for their care and the management of their personal assistants, individuals can maintain their independence while receiving the support they need.






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